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Pulse Oximeters from Cooper Medical Supplies

Thank you for checking out Cooper Medical's  website. We have several models of oximeters available including CMS Fingertip Pulse OximetersWrist Pulse Oximeters, and Overnight Pulse Oximeters. We also have StethoscopesTens Units and are now carrying Blood Pressure Monitors.
 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at customerservice@coopermedical.com.
At Cooper Medical's Pulse Ox Store, we specialize in providing affordable pulse oximeters along with other health and monitoring devices.  Our owners are both Respiratory Therapists and we understand the importance of pulse oximetry and the need for our customers to obtain this technology at reasonable prices.  

We carry everything from easy to use and read finger pulse oximeters for spot oxygen checks (SPO2). We also have downloadable pulse oximeters for extended use like sleep studies or long term oxygen trends. Our wrist oximeters are used for greater comfort during extended use and recording. The downloadable fingertip pulse oximeters and wrist pulse ox units have data capability that will allow you to print reports out and view your oxygen levels. Many of these units have rechargeable lithium ion batteries that will let your oximeter last for extended amounts of time to perform long oxygen trends and sleep studies.  

Cooper Medical's Pulse Ox Store also carries top of the line hand held pulse ox units that have all the bells and whistles such as alarms, touch screen, large color display, downloadable capability for reports as well as memory for multiple patients. We also offer accessories for our oximeters.  We also have a new Sale Page which has several high quality oximeters are greatly discounted prices.  

At Cooper Medical's Pulse Ox Store, we have Tens Units for treatment of musculoskeletal pain.  Tens units or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is a device that uses electrical current for low risk nerve stimulation.   Our newest items are our Stethoscopes.  We have found a great quality product that we can offer at an amazing price.   These stethoscopes compare to Littmann stethoscopes which retail for over 4-5 times the price of our brand.  
Hand Held Pulse Oximeters
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Overnight Oximeters with Downloadable Software
Overnight Oximeters with Downloadable Software
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