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CMS-50F Recording Wrist Oximeter

The CMS-50F Pulse Oximeter is by far the most comfortable unit for performing oxygen trends or overnight oxygen studies.

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The CMS-50F Pulse Oximeter is one of the most comfortable units for performing oxygen trends or overnight oxygen studies. The CMS50F can be used for monitoring daily activities and overnight sleep studies.  The compact design of the CMS-50F is intended to give the patient greater freedom while improving patient compliance.  The CMS50F also has a rechargeable lithium ion battery that can be charged with the included USB cable or AC adaptor.  

The new CMS-50F design eliminates the two most common issues with the old style CMS-50F.  It now has a new mini USB type probe connection eliminating the problems with bent pins if it is not inserted correctly.   It also has a watch style wrist strap that is already installed on the unit and will fit a wider range of wrist sizes.  

Features of the CMS-50F Wrist Pulse Oximeter
- Compact and light weight design to fit comfortably on the patients wrist  
- Can be used for spot checking short and long term monitoring applications 
- High accuracy and repetition 
- Friendly operation menu for the setting menu
- 256k color OLED display with 2 directions 
- Pulse strength: OLED Graphic display 
- Battery Voltage indication on the graphic display 
- Plethysmograph Wave to assist in obtaining a strong reading 
- Can be used in high altitudes, and at high & low temperatures 
- Built-in Alarms for Oxygen Saturation (SPO2) and Pulse Rate 
- Built-in Memory for up to 24 hours of Data Storage 
- Ideal for Doctors, Home Health Care, Clinics and Hospitals 
- Also can be used for Aviation, Sports, Mountain Climbers and Walkers 
- Superior Color OLED Screen with Multi-Directional Views 
- Brightness Adjustment for Viewing in any Light 
- Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Cell 
- Includes USB Cable for Download 
- Includes SPO2 Monitoring Trend Software
- Included software is not compatible with Macs!  
- Note that finger probe contains Latex!!!
- Inner flash memory for data storage 
- Power supply: 3.7V Rechargeable Lithium battery and ac charger with USB 

- Fits wrist sizes: 6.5'' through 9''
- Oximeter Dimensions (without wrist band): 5.4cm, 2 1/8in (L), 5.2cm, 2 1/16in (W), 
  1.7cm, 11/16in (H)